LASU Introduces A Multipurpose Smart ID Card

LASU Smart ID Card

On this page, Lagos State University (LASU) took a significant leap in technological advancement and convenience for its community.

LASU Introduces A Multipurpose Smart ID Card

The introduction of the Smart ID Card at Lagos State University marks a notable advancement in the university’s approach to technology and convenience. It not only simplifies administrative processes but also integrates financial services, enhancing the campus experience for both staff and students.

🚀 Launch Date Unveiled on December 28, 2023.
🎓 User Benefits For attendance management, access control, and ATM services.
💡 Functionalities Identification, attendance recording, and bank account integration.
🌐 First Batch University management, Senate members, deputy registrars, and new 100-level students.
💳 ATM Integration It can be used as an ATM card linked to a bank account.
📲 Tech Requirement It requires tapping on an installed device to show the holder’s information.
🆔 NIN Requirement A national identity number is needed for activation.
🗓️ Rollout Schedule The first batch is expected in mid-January 2024.

Features of the New Smart ID Card

A Versatile Tool for the University Community

The Smart ID Card introduced by LASU is not just an identity verifier. It’s a multifunctional tool designed to streamline several campus processes. Here’s what it offers:

  • Attendance Management: One of the card’s primary features is its use as an Attendance Management System, especially beneficial for large student classes.
  • Access Control: The card is programmed for secure access control within the university premises.
  • ATM Services: Adding a financial utility, the card can also function as an ATM card, linked to a bank account and powered by Interswitch.

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Demonstration and Acceptance

The Vice-Chancellor, along with the university management team, demonstrated the card’s attendance management function at the Senate meeting. The successful demonstration, facilitated by an Attendance Management Device installed at the Senate’s Secretariat, was met with commendations from the members of the Senate, particularly for the ICT team’s efforts in developing the Smart ID Card.

Usage and Functionality

Using the Smart ID Card is straightforward:

  • Simple Tap Mechanism: Users need to tap the card on the installed device.
  • Information Display and Recording: The device displays the holder’s name and other details while recording their attendance.

Rollout and Issuance Plan

Phased Distribution

The Vice-Chancellor announced a phased issuance plan for the Smart ID Card:

  • Initial Beneficiaries: The first batch includes university management members, Senate members, deputy registrars, and newly admitted 100-level students.
  • Scheduled Rollout: The first batch is expected to be available from mid-January 2024.

Director ICT’s Insights

Prof. Toyin Enikuomehin, the Director of ICT at LASU, elaborated on the card’s functionalities during the unveiling. He emphasized its role in staff and student identification, attendance management, and ATM services.

Requirement for Activation

To activate the card, staff and students are required to provide their National Identity Number (NIN).

LASU Smart ID Card

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