LASU Gets Approved as CELPEBras Examination Centre

LASU CELPEBras Examination Centre

On this page, Lagos State University (LASU) Gains Prestigious Approval as CELPEBras Examination Centre by the Brazilian Government.

LASU Gets Approved as CELPEBras Examination Centre

CELPEBras, or the Proficiency Course in Portuguese for Foreigners, is a crucial requirement for foreign students aiming to study in Brazil. It assesses the proficiency of non-native speakers in the Portuguese language. This examination is particularly relevant as each year, the Brazilian government awards hundreds of scholarships to foreign students for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in various courses.

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CELPE-Bras Examination Schedule

CELPEBras examinations are conducted biannually, typically in April and October.

LASU’s Role in CELPE-Bras Examination

Training and Preparation

The Lagos State University Centre for Afrobrazilian Studies has been actively involved in training students for the CELPEBras Examination. This preparation has played a pivotal role in the final approval from the Brazilian government.

International Training and Recognition

The final approval, dated December 21, 2021, came after a successful training session for experts from six universities across six countries.

This event, organised by the Brazilian Government in Berlin, Germany, from December 13 to 15, 2023, saw representation from Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, and Nigeria. Prof. Tayo Ajayi, the Director of the Center for Afrobrazilian Studies, represented LASU at this prestigious event.

Implications of the Approval for West African Students

A New Hub for CELPEBras in West Africa

With this approval, Lagos State University now stands as a key destination for students from West Africa, excluding Guinea-Bissau, who seek to sit for the CELPE-Bras Examination. This positions LASU as a crucial hub for Portuguese language proficiency assessment in the region.

LASU Gets Approved as CELPEBras Examination Centre

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