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KANOPOLY Pre-ND Registration Guide 2023/2024: Register Now!

KANOPOLY Pre-ND Registration Guide

Read about KANOPOLY’s detailed guide on the registration process that commences on Monday, February 5, 2024 for Pre-ND students.

KANOPOLY Pre-ND Registration Guide 2023/2024: Register Now!

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Registration Steps for KANOPOLY Pre-ND Students

Step 1: Acceptance of Admission

Upon receiving your admission, your first action is to log into your account on the KANOPOLY portal. Here, you’ll have the option to accept or reject your admission offer. Make sure to carefully review the details before making your decision.

Step 2: Payment of Charges

Before you can print your admission letter, a payment of N4,500.00 covering all charges is required. Ensure this payment is made promptly to avoid delays in your registration process.

Step 3: Screening at the School of Basic and Remedial Studies

After making the payment, your next step is to visit the School of Basic & Remedial Studies at Sheik Ja’afar Mahmud Adam Road (Dorayi Road). Here, you will undergo a necessary screening process.

Step 4: Indigineship Screening

The following step involves meeting with the Student Affairs Officer for Indigineship Screening. This step is crucial to confirming your eligibility based on your state of origin.

Step 5: Submission of Admission Letter

Once the screening is complete, submit a copy of your signed admission letter to the MIS Officer. This is necessary for the payment upload and the continuation of your registration process.

Step 6: Central Registration

After completing the above steps, log into your account to:

  • Pay the Central Registration Fee
  • Print Receipts
  • Print your Course Registration Form (C.R.F.)
  • Print your Student Examination Card

Step 7: Payment Authentication

Your next destination is the Bursary Department at the Central Administration. Your payment will be authenticated here, ensuring all financial transactions are in order.

Step 8: Final Documentation

The final step takes you to your department. Bring two copies of all your credentials and two recent passport photographs for documentation. This is also where you’ll collect your student ID card.

KANOPOLY Pre-ND Registration Guide

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